• I abandoned the theory of balance and embraced the art of time management.

    Insert Frank Costanza *Serenity Now*
  • Every so often I make it a point to venture to my favorite stomping grounds where I spent the bulk of my best years, known to many (due to rebranding of neighborhoods) as the Cultural District, but to me, Mt. Vernon. This area gives me life; I’m that Artsy kid that was once a student… [Continue Reading]

    Well…RYE really does Rock (Rye Rocks at the Walters)
  • Over time I’ve aimed to help our eldest daughter LJ have a broader range of experiences during our time here. A while back my sister and I had the opportunity to experience the serenity of the historic Highland Beach in Annapolis and we took LJ along for her first beach experience ever. My interest was… [Continue Reading]

    A visit to Highland Beach
  • On occasion we actually do manage to get out of the house in one piece, and on time, to do something fun with the girls. LJ1, has been covering modes of transportation so we have been attempting to have her experience various types of transit associated with an enjoyable event. I researched train experiences and… [Continue Reading]

    Magic Holiday Express:A B&O Experience